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eXp Commercial Explained

Why Bring Your Brokerage to eXp Commercial?

Welcome to another episode of eXp Commercial Explained! This week, Rudy Caamano explains why he felt like the "US military joined the party" when eXp announced the launch of eXp Commercial. As an early adopter of the eXp platform, Rudy enjoys the virtual environment, global collaboration and ability to easily scale his own business, WindWater Real Estate.

Intro and History of eXp Commercial

James Huang: Hello everyone and welcome to eXp Commercial Explained. My name is James Huang, your eXp Commercial president, and I am here with Stephanie Gilezan, director of commercial operations. So we want to welcome everyone for participating and learning more about eXp Commercial. Just to give a little history about eXp Commercial, we started November 1st, where we launched, really presented ourselves at EXPCON with a couple of events to showcase our potential, what we were trying to do for 2021.

The Disruption

James Huang: And just like what you're seeing right here, we're here to disrupt just like eXp Realty has done by having a virtual platform. Like what you saw, what happened at Blockbusters being replaced by Netflix, Circuit City being replaced by Amazon, which Amazon has disrupted many retail industries. And then we at eXp World Holdings, eXp Realty, and eXp Commercial will be transforming the way commercial real estate is going to be done using this virtual platform of ours, and also a lot of synergy and other collaborative tools.

One Global Company, Not a Franchise

James Huang: One of the things that is different about eXp Commercial, we are not a franchise. We are a separate commercial broker of record, and we are all corporate-owned. So the way we're organized is state broker of records, and we are a large corporate structure and not a franchise. So that's one of the big differentiators. So we could definitely save you money and pass the cost to you. So you make sure that you have the synergies of the entire company, you have cost savings, and then the economies of scale of how we can buy and price ourselves better. And Stephanie, I think you're going to talk a little bit about all the benefits from the operational and the growth side of us.

Stephanie Gilezan: That's absolutely right, Jim. And you take the concept of how we all have lived inside of a brick and mortar in an office, and have only seen what is existing and building relationships inside that office eXp's platform gives every single agent and broker owners, the opportunity to elevate their business, to have the immediate plugin to over 47,000 agents that exist on the eXp Realty side so that we can do business back and forth. We know that on the realty side, they have commercial opportunities and they're looking for commercial agents to refer those deals to. It's never to think local again because the brick and mortar has gone away and we are going across this country and other countries building these relationships and building business. I rolled my brokerage in three years ago. It was one of the greatest decisions because from the time of my brokerage got onto the eXp platform, we have steadily grown and grown and grown, 10 and $20 million in volume every single year because of the opportunities because those brick and mortar walls have fallen down.

And because we're able to collaborate, we're able to get people into our world for live training and education. We want everyone to have the opportunity to come into commercial real estate and have the ability to learn and be productive, to retain. And so we've done, what now, three national commercial real estate association trainings where we've certified over 2,400 real estate agents to do and sell commercial real estate. Part of our platform is that we make sure that we get the lead generation. We make sure that we get the right technology tools for everyone to be able to do business and to succeed.

International Collaboration

James Huang: Exactly right Stephanie, and we are so excited with using this platform educating and really showing all the other commercial industry leaders, what our platform and why it's so powerful. And many of them are adopted and partnering with us because of just the sheer number of people we could bring in. We brought 1,700, we brought 2,500. We hope to bring at the next training, 5,000 agents and people interested in learning commercial real estate come in. And as Stephanie said before, 47... I have to say thousand plus because every time we say a number we're behind because we grew so fast year after year, month after month. It's just the explosive growth because the model, the platform makes sense for this time of just the transformation and changes. And that's the way we could collaborate across so many different, I would say states, but also countries as Stephanie was saying. Because of our platform, we could reach out and touch so many people to learn about commercial real estate, train them from the beginning, but also all the different product types and specialties.

Stephanie Gilezan: And that's another great thing. We opened in over nine countries this last year and our market cap right here, the 80/20 commission split with a $20,000 cap. It doesn't matter if you make $400,000 in commission, you're going to pay eXp Commercial $20,000. We are completely an agent-centric company for this very reason of keeping more money in the pocket. It doesn't matter how many states you're licensed in. You don't have to go find a company or a brokerage to affiliate in all those states. You are with eXp Commercial in as many states as you want to do business with, with just that one cap. And that's what's important. And as we opened in nine countries last year and are on our path to open in 21 more countries this year, once again, we have the ability for you to do business everywhere across the globe at this value prop.

Low-Cost Innovative Technology

Stephanie Gilezan: As we go into it, we've got $250, which is our monthly tech fee, which gives every single one of our brokers the opportunity to have Buildout, which is your CRM. It is your market center. It is your syndication to over 40 commercial real estate platforms to get your listings out. We have national data access for Reonomy across this entire country. Everybody gets the plugin to see the opportunities, to have the sales comps, to see the listings, the forecasting, and the public records, and not to mention with eXp Commercial, just like eXp Realty, we have unlimited revenue share, unlimited equity stock awards that everyone gets to earn as you grow and build your business on the eXp platform.

James Huang: And Stephanie, we're always constantly improving and I love what you've done. Just how many of these tech meetings have we been on? And that's what we're doing. This is just the basic, what you get for $250, but we're constantly looking for new tools that you could use when you're doing transactions, when you're doing leasing, when you're doing business opp. How does this all work with each other? And we're looking constantly trying to make the best deals, find the best tools, collaborate, make sure it's all synced in so we can all communicate. And that the whole big thing is more deal flow, more leads, more opportunities for everyone.

Equity Opportunities

Stephanie Gilezan: And less overhead. Because as we all know, formerly owning a brokerage, we know what that overhead cost was because to go out and get these tools for just your one office, you're paying the maximum, you're paying thousands upon thousands of dollars per month. And that's one of the best things that happened to me when I rolled my brokerage in, is I got a huge pay raise because I was able to save on all of those CRMs and the lead generation and everything I needed to provide my agents because at eXp we're global. We have the buying power to get it at the discounted price and then we pass that right along to the agents. Another one of the things that I want to touch on this is the equity opportunities. I've said it before, as you sell real estate, you earn stock.

And three years, I've been with this company. And three times I've received the ICON Agent Award, which means I have gotten my entire $20,000 cap back in stock. Jim, I'm telling you right now, I had an opportunity to sell my brokerage. It was going to be a one-time payout. And then I was going to be owned and dedicated to some brand for 10 years. And I promise you, the stock awards I've earned over the last three years are five times, five times the value of what that one paycheck is, and guess what? I still have my business. And now I own a piece of something much greater than I could ever build.

James Huang: And Stephanie rightfully so. And when I look at using the company that I scaled and grew plugging in the past numbers and looking at what it would have looked like, I would have been in better shape if I would have brought in the 150 commercial brokers that I had at my firm before plugging in into this model. It would have been better for my agents. It would have been better for the company, would have been better for me with the economies of scale. So I always tell people, take a look at our platform, be open-minded and see what it would look like before you say, "No, it's not for me." Understand the model, the platform, how does it work before you say no.

Benefit from Revenue Share

Stephanie Gilezan: That's another opportunity, Jim, I built a great brokerage locally. It was always local to my market because that's what we're taught. Right? We set up shop, we build the business and that's where we operate and that is our focus. Putting my brokerage on the eXp platform, allowed me to think past local and past my state. I took a brokerage that was less than a hundred agents and have grown this revenue share platform on eXp Commercial with over 600 agents. And that's what's so great about this opportunity, is that now we have the ability to sit in that broker owner chair without the liability, without the overhead cost, but a way to expand our business across the globe and earn a piece of it. And that's what this company is about. Of that $20,000 cap that gets paid into eXp, half of that gets revenue shared back out. So when you introduce agents and brokers to this platform, you will benefit without having the liability and that overhead.

James Huang: And Stephanie, you know what, that's so exciting because when you grow a commercial brokerage company, you're always thinking you're local and you can only do so much. And then there's always that point where you say, "Okay, I grew from this office, I grew to this office, we had five offices." Then I was just regional. But to get to that next level, that was hard. Here at eXp Commercial with the platform, you can plug in and grow and scale from your local market to your regional market, to your national market, to your international market. And I think that's fabulous because of so many conversations we have with so many different people, we said it's up to you. What do you want to do? This is just a platform for you to succeed in anything you want, whether you just want to do it yourself, whether you want to grow a team, whether you want to just stay local, whether you want to stay regional, whether you expand around the world. The opportunities are limitless for how you want to grow.

Work From Home in Your Virtual Office

James Huang: That is what's so exciting about this platform, that we allow anyone to do what they would like to do. And we couldn't do it without Virbela. Virbela is just the platform that powers all of us. And really, this is what we're all trying to do. Stephanie and I, and the whole team. We're trying to bring commercial real estate around the world to use this platform so we could collaborate, learn best practices, teach each other. And really, during this time, most people said, they'll never go back to their office anymore. They're very comfortable working at home, using technology, using Zoom, like the way we're communicating to you now and using the Virbela platform. So people can communicate to create all these opportunities and network with each other.

Stephanie Gilezan: Absolutely. And to be able to bring into our World, all the other opportunities. We've had in so many different CCIM and SIOR and we've had academies, we've had UFC, we've had capital groups. We've had pretty much everyone in there and for them to be wowed and even to have Reonomy and the Buildouts to come in and take a look at how we can expose their business and their brand to the masses, to the thousands all at once. And you know, Jim lives in California, I'm in Kentucky. We've never met in real life. We've never once, but have we gotten to know each other in that World? Absolutely. And that's what it's about.

James Huang: I think Stephanie, it's almost too scary how much you and I communicate with each other at all times of the night, I think we're each other's therapists, but this... It does work. When people say you cannot build relationships, friendships... Yes, you can. Of course, we want to see each other in person, but using this model, this medium to communicate, to get to know each other. While we see each other, we'd go straight to the collaborating and drinking. Right? And then sharing some more notes. So this is a great way to ice break, to build this connectivity and relationships and friendships. So when you do meet, you just get right to business, you get right to talk to you about what you can do because you've already built a friendship.

Health is Wealth

Stephanie Gilezan: Something that's been very important across all kinds of self-employed industries. There are so many out there, is the agent healthcare. And that's something that a couple of years ago, eXp Realty was able to set up to truly give every agent with eXp that group discounted rate for their family, for their healthcare. And we brought that right onto eXp Commercial as well. And the stories that I hear of people just thinking, they love the 80/20 split. They love that they're just paying that $20,000 cap. But some of my favorite conversations are when they go, "Oh my God, I just saved $6,000 a year on my health care. Thank you all for putting this together." And so that is another huge benefit that we don't talk about a lot, but it's important. It absolutely is important.

James Huang: And this is one thing I love about the company overall with eXp World Holdings. They're looking after the employee, right? Where employee-owned, employee-centric, learning how do we take care of the agents? How do we take care of our people? And I know with HR and everyone within the company, they're looking at ways like you said, with healthcare, other people said, that's up to you, but our firm is looking at how we can serve and how we can take care of people. So you do want to stay, you do want to be part of this group and this family.

Teaching, Training and Getting Referrals

Stephanie Gilezan: All about the agents, and anything that we can do every day, to better the agents. That is exactly what we're about. That's why the agent here at this company makes more money. I mean, that's the simple fact and they save more money. Another great thing about eXp is that we do have this Workplace platform and on our Workplace platform, that is your direct connection to stay in touch with the residential agents, staying in touch with commercials. We're seeing people share, collaborate, coach, teach one another, how to do better. One of our guests today, Rudy is on there doing videos and showing people how to market their listings. We have all kinds of upcoming events that are constant. Our National Commercial Meetings that are held in eXp World monthly, the second Friday of each month. We've got the big educational training, April 26th, the week of April 26th, where this time we had 2,400 and last time Jim, how many do we want to have this time?

James Huang: We're going to get 5,000 this time, right?

Stephanie Gilezan: We're going to get 5,000. And what's great about this is that even if you're not affiliated with eXp, we are an open platform. We want you to come in and experience what it is that we do. And so that training to get your CRE certification is open to anybody that has a real estate license. And so whoever invited you to the call today or if somebody didn't, reach out to us, we'll make sure to get you a guest pass into our eXp World so that you can improve your future with commercial real estate. Absolutely.

Welcoming WindWater Real Estate to eXp Commercial

James Huang: Stephanie, I think you want to introduce our guest today. A wonderful guy. I know we're both in Southern California, known about this guy for a long, long time. But he always did the big investment deals and not so much the brokerage deals, but he was always on the principal's side where every broker should be on the other side and he's bought companies and he's done a lot of expansion entrepreneurship, great speaker today. And this is great, Stephanie to introduce, why did he come over? So Stephanie, if you'd like to introduce our guest.

Stephanie Gilezan: Absolutely. Rudy Caamano, I think he and I connected at the very end of October. And there are people in this business that I called them the first to the table. Right? They see that vision. They're the ones that just immediately get it. And Rudy being in this business for over 20 years of experience, building both a successful company on the investment side, but also on the brokerage side, in that California market and expanding throughout. And we're so glad that Rudy saw exactly where we were headed on the path because I think it mimicked and mirrored exactly what he set out to do. And so it just was a great marriage. And so Rudy Caamano, a superstar who has rolled WindWater Real Estate into eXp Commercial. Welcome, Rudy.

Rudy Caamano: Hey guys, thanks for having me. I mean, I'm so excited here. I felt like I was in the locker room getting ready for a game. And, can I sign up again? I mean, if I can sign up again, I'll do it. I was very excited!

The History of WindWater Real Estate

Stephanie Gilezan: That's awesome. Rudy, tell everybody exactly what you were doing with WindWater all these years, how it was so successful, and why when we talked about eXp Commercial, it made sense for you.

Rudy Caamano: Sure. Yeah. So like you guys had touched on, I had previously been on the investment side, so I spent the first 15 years of my real estate career exclusively on the investment side. In about 2015, I acquired a brokerage, and the reason I acquired brokerage was mostly out of necessity. I had built a portfolio that we were acquiring assets locally in Southern California. And I wanted to make sure that the team that we were going to work with on the brokerage side was aligned with us internally on the investment side. So going through some of the interviews and the process of trying to find the right team, I just started to become frustrated in the fact that I couldn't find someone that was perfectly aligned. It always felt like there was a little bit of disconnect.

So we decided ultimately to acquire a brokerage, a local team here, it was a small team at the time. And we decided to take that on and kind of build it based on the needs of our company. So over time, what we realized was that most of the industry at that point was very delayed in the adopting or the adaptation of technology and some of the marketing tools that we were wanting to use. So we basically started to implement techniques in-house at WindWater and started to have really some great success with the lead gen strategies, the target marketing strategies. Some of the things that we were doing were a little outside of the box at the time.

So kind of fast forward, once we completed the roundtrip on the investment portfolio, I really got excited about the opportunity in brokerage, and in about 2018, I decided to make it a focus to concentrate on the business. So I took the position as CEO of WindWater and from that point forward, I've really just been committed to diving in and figuring out what the opportunities are and were in commercial real estate space, and what was missing and how can we kind of figure out a way to compete against some of the bigger companies and just carve out a niche for ourselves in the space.

Why eXp Commercial?

Stephanie Gilezan: When you heard about the eXp Commercial, what was the reason right then and there to find out more about it for you?

Rudy Caamano: Yeah. So for me, I mean, it was a little eerie actually. So we started to go down the path of, like I mentioned, creating a digital approach to brokerage, and we actually made the decision in 2019 to implement a cloud-based brokerage product as part of WindWater. So we came up with a product called WREX, which was going to allow for much more generous splits for those agents that really didn't need all of the traditional resources that most houses kind of forced you to take. So we launched that product and there was some resistance just because it was new and you always had to kind of explain what you were doing to people, and then COVID hit. And during that time, everybody was forced to change the way people communicated and it kind of accelerated that, but kind of during that time, some people started to mention to me on the residential side like, "Hey, have you seen eXp, do you know anything about eXp? Do you see what they're doing?"

So I started to do some research and found that you guys had obviously already been doing exactly what I wanted to do on the residential side for years. And it was almost exactly what I wanted to do, but you didn't have commercial. So it was a residential only company. And then, sure enough, a few months later in I think September or October, eXp makes an announcement to launch the commercial company. So at that point, my initial thought was a little bit of frustration and fear because I thought I had this great idea and I was going to be able to scale it on my own. But once I got past that, I just got excited because really what was happening was I got tired of having to have that same conversation with people in the industry about how things were going to change and how they needed to change and, fighting that battle on my own.

So when eXp Commercial was announced, it really felt like the US military was coming to the party and that's kind of how I felt about it. So once I got past the initial disappointment of learning that I wasn't the one that came up with the great idea, it just became easy to adopt, and it was a seamless transition. So we were excited. It didn't take very long for us to be convinced because we believe exactly in what you're doing.

"When eXp Commercial was announced, it really felt like the U.S. Military was coming to the party."

-Rudy Caamano, CEO, WindWater Real Estate

Leveraging Digital Marketing to Grow a Business

Stephanie Gilezan: Yeah, you were the early adopter to the business already because you saw, even prior to COVID, with your digital strategy and the way you started that there were changes coming. And then COVID kind of just reassessed that, basically told us all that. So talk to us about how you built that business, your marketing strategies, and what you utilize.

Rudy Caamano: Yeah. So in the beginning it was exploration. We were basically... What I was trying to do was take some of the strategies that were used in the e-commerce space. And I have some really good friends that have had a lot of success in that. And I just started asking questions and trying to figure out what is it that you're doing to be able to target people in areas where they're communicating most by social media platforms and what can I do to compete with that big brand business card? So I started exploring, investing in some of those strategies, and through trial and error, we found some things that worked and we got to the point where we felt good about a product that we had and it was starting to be received by some of the big institutional companies that we were servicing here locally. And once that started to happen, we knew that we were onto something.

But yeah, it was mostly in that space. In addition to just really having an emphasis on some of the more progressive marketing just in general, right? So photos and videos and making sure your content really represents the product in the best way. We wanted to go above and beyond that and implement a lot of the lead gen and digital marketing that's having so much success in every other industry.

Stephanie Gilezan: Well and I think that's one of the most... There's a lot of things really that are so impressive about you and you as a business leader. But one of the biggest ones that resonates is, is that in a short time, you were able to truly get your brand out to resonate further than your local spot. And that's because being one of those early adopters, doing this research of how we were standing up eXp Commercial, and before we did it and doing a lot of interviews across this country, we've all missed in commercial real estate. A lot of people have missed in commercial real estate that they're still doing it the old school way. They haven't evolved into this new age, that residential real estate honestly adopted a decade ago. And over the last five years especially, but in commercial, are we right in saying that that's where commercial brokers and agents need to go ahead and start adopting it because I think that's the change in this time, right?

Rudy Caamano: Absolutely. Yeah. I mean, I'm pretty honest when I speak to agents in both spaces, although I've spent my entire career on the commercial side, the reality is that from a marketing perspective, we're 15 to 20 years behind. And our industry, the commercial industry, likes to feel like we're a little more sophisticated, right? Because of the type of product that we have to sell. And there are additional layers to understanding what makes a property worth what it's worth, right? It's not just see a building and what is the building next to it? We're at their house, what's the house next to it worth? And there are a lot of variables that you have to understand. So from that perspective, there is more to it, but at the end of the day, the marketing has been, 15, 20 years behind just based on the few early options that came into play with Redfin and Zillow and the transparency of being able to have access to product, right?

Rudy Caamano: So on the commercial side that still doesn't exist and because of that, we have been behind. But I think now with what has taken place, with just kind of the way people have been forced to communicate and find alternatives and with eXp coming out as a global brand that is publicly traded, that has so much momentum, finally, there's a sense that we all understand it's going to change, right? It's going to happen, it's happening now. So now it's just a matter of positioning yourself to take advantage of it.

Stephanie Gilezan: Absolutely.

Rudy Caamano: Yeah. So I absolutely believe that it's happening and that eXp is in a prime position to take advantage of it.

The Future of WindWater Real Estate Brokered by eXp Commercial

Stephanie Gilezan: Absolutely. Because you have now put WindWater, because you still have WindWater, WindWater brokered by eXp Commercial. But because you're now brokered by eXp Commercial, where do you see WindWater going in the course of this next year and how you feel it's elevating your business even more than if you had just stayed WindWater?

Rudy Caamano: Yeah, no, that to me is a very obvious benefit of eXp. So if I would've stayed on my own, it would've taken me three, four, or five years to get to the point to where I can scale across the country. Right?

Stephanie Gilezan: And a lot of money too, right?

Rudy Caamano: And a lot of money, absolutely. So by taking advantage of eXp platform, it instantly gave me the ability to push outside of my market, to focus on marketing and what separates my group, my team, my company from others, and then leverage the resources that you guys offer to reach every area of the country that I'm targeting, instantly. So I see us, my company, instantly scaling. We've already done that in just the short time that we've been on eXp. We onboarded agents across the country. And we, honestly, when we switched over, there were about 50% of the brokers in-house were scared and weren't sure of why I was doing this and we even lost a good percentage. Right. So we were about 20 guys when I decided to make the switch. We lost a good handful of them just based on uncertainty. And we've been able to recoup that and scale just based on the fact that we now have the ability to recruit across the country.

"By taking advantage of the eXp platform, it instantly gave me the ability to push outside my market... and then leverage the resources that you guys offer to reach every area of the country that I'm targeting."

- Rudy Caamano, CEO, WindWater Real Estate

Stephanie Gilezan: Absolutely. No, and that's great. And I think that's the important thing, and it's kind of... Our stories align so similarly because I had my brokerage about the same size as yours, but that's exactly what I can say over the past three years is that, if I had scaled just half of what I've actually been able to do, I would have still been happy. But it's been even more than I ever hoped and I know that sounds kind of ridiculous, but dreamed of. But it's true because we have... My real estate team, obviously I'm here focused on building eXp Commercial with Jim and everybody else, but my real estate team is operating in four different states currently.

When before we would have never even attempted to go into those markets just because how were we going to service them, right? And so those are the abilities or talking to agents like Keith in Alabama and setting up Eric with Lori in West Virginia on a $20 million deal yesterday. And to be able to connect those dots so easily, you plugged into eXp, you plugged in to all the tools, how easy is it to reach somebody in this company to fulfill your needs?

Rudy Caamano: Oh, it's as easy as picking up your phone and sending a Workplace message or work chat message, right? So it's exactly what you would want in terms of efficiency and access to communicate with people all over the globe.

Stephanie Gilezan: Absolutely. Absolutely. Well, Rudy, we are so glad to have you and WindWater. Don't want to misquote, but WindWater came to us as a billion-dollar producer, you are a big deal. And Jim, we love having him. Right? Absolutely proud that you're part of this team.

James Huang: And this is the great thing, is with all these leaders and influencers and people that see it and get it, right? And embrace it and use it like what you've been doing, success will be coming because you are on this platform to make changes like what you've always wanted. We've had these conversations and make a difference and give back. That's one thing I know that all of us like to do, we've all had ups and downs in commercial real estate and changes. But one thing that we've known, we're all competitors. We love this business. We love to do well, to give back and teach other people and then help. Right? Help and see what other things we can do. So we are really proud and excited Rudy, to have you part of the team and what you're doing, because everyone is going to be different and has a different path to eXp Commercial or coming to our firm or not, or just learning and watching it, which is fine.

But the good thing is having you here, learning your story and journey, and having other speakers come by showing their stories. And no one is going to be the same, but the great thing is everyone that's coming over. They love the platform and in certain and different ways because it helps them grow. It helps them get to the next level and it lets them achieve things that they didn't even think about before. It's just reaching out to people like you said. So, very excited that you're here.

Stephanie Gilezan: Well, in different parts of this country, we all know... Do things differently at different times and so forth. So it's great to have access to all of those abilities right away. And because we are agent owned and we are all shareholders, which means we have stock, we want everyone to be successful because, hey, our stock goes up when we're successful. Right?

Rudy Caamano: Absolutely.

Stephanie Gilezan: Awesome.

Rudy Caamano: You know, if I can, I'd like to just take a second to make sure that I say thank you because the reality is eXp is giving us an opportunity to compete with the monster, the big brand company. And for so long, that's been almost impossible. So I feel like what eXp is doing for our industry is they're minimizing, they're eliminating some of that advantage that the big brand has, because we now can say we're part of a global company. We're part of a multi-billion-dollar publicly traded company that has a global network. And I mess around with a lot of my friends that work at the big brands. And I say, "Look, you're still paying that premium rent for third story office mall space because you feel like it's giving you foot traffic."

That's what a broker is doing. A broker that's stuck at a big brand is paying that 50% tax on commissions, just because of the business part and the business part's value is going away.

Stephanie Gilezan: It is.

Rudy Caamano: So I'm excited that I got the opportunity to be a part of this. And I know that we're only in the beginning. This is something that is in the first inning of or what I believe is an industry-disrupting opportunity. So I'm excited and thank you for having me.

Stephanie Gilezan: No, thank you for seeing us, and thank you for being one of these early adopters. And that's a great thing about what Jim said and what Rudy does and what we all do is we do share and make everyone successful. And I've loved that you brought the caliber of knowledge you have around this digital space and how to elevate your brand. And you've taught that to people inside of eXp. I saw Daniel Eng out of Dallas say, "Rudy's awesome." Because why? You're coaching and helping him do the exact same thing with his brand. And that's the collaboration we share throughout this company.

Rudy Caamano: Oh yeah. And the reality is that this company, although the leadership, obviously we need to count on you for direction and we need to make sure that we're aligned with what your vision is. But what I really like about this opportunity is it's a platform built for entrepreneurs. So guys like myself, guys like Daniel, or anybody else across the country can come on and build a company and have deviations, right? If they have a different business plan or if they have different idea of how to capture value, they can do so. And I think that in itself is just a pretty unique and pretty special opportunity in commercial real estate that just never existed.

"What I really like about this opportunity is it's a platform built for entrepreneurs."

- Rudy Caamano, CEO, WindWater Real Estate

Stephanie Gilezan: Absolutely. Well, thank you, Rudy.

James Huang: And Rudy, thank you so much. And everyone please always listen to eXp Commercial explained every Thursday because we're going to have other guest speakers so everyone can learn about the different journeys on how eXp may work for you, because no one has the same journey or same story. And you're going to come from different places by having and hearing from different industry leaders coming over. And what was their, why? Why did they come over? What did they do when they're here? It's great to learn and hear from other people so we can see, does this fit for you? Does this make sense? Is this something that resonates? And we're always open to everyone to listen to our Thursday Zoom events, but if you have your sponsor or anyone that invited you to this call, make sure that you get a guest pass to really see what eXp World is all about.

Come to our monthly meetings, come to our committee training meetings and everything else that we're putting together. And as Stephanie said, on April 26th through the 30th, we have our national week-long training again. And then with our shareholders meeting, believe it or not, we know we're talking about 40,000 people we want to bring into the eXp World. I'm already talking to some big organizations and companies. They want to see what this is all about and how can you bring that many people into this world. So we welcome everyone to be involved. We welcome everyone to participate and be part of our family. Or just to learn what this is all about.

Stephanie Gilezan: Thanks, everyone.

James Huang: Thank you, everyone. Have a great day.

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