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Life at the Intersection of Commercial Real Estate and Digital Marketing

Jayson Siano is a commercial real estate change agent and thought leader who has represented some of the largest retail companies in the U.S., including Starbucks Coffee, Chipotle, Orange Theory, and even the Kardashians. He is the founder and CEO of Sabre Real Estate Advisors. a premiere cloud-based national advisory firm that resides at the intersection of commercial real estate and digital marketing. Watch the video above to find out how Jayson has led the CRE industry into the digital era. Transcript below.

Welcome to eXp Commercial Explained

James (Jim) Huang: Welcome to eXp Commercial Explained! We are here to share with everyone, the exp commercial platform, super excited today to have with us a very, very special guest that you will see. He's a legend in the industry, so we are excited to get through the eXp Commercial Explained platform and to get to our interview with our very special guest.

So, as everyone knows, eXp Commercial's platform is virtual. And with this, like a lot of disruptive change, you know, with blockbusters, you see Netflix. With the retail shopping, you see Amazon, and we are known to be called the Amazon of real estate. We are really excited and living up to the expectations of being this virtual online, no brick and mortar platform. So, it's super, super exciting. One other big thing is we are not a franchise. We are one corporate company, one commercial company, and Stephanie, you know about the franchise, I know you've owned one before, and there is a big difference in being one corporate brokerage company versus a franchise.

No Boundaries

Stephanie Gilezan: That's absolutely right, Jim. For some of us, and most of us that have been owners of our own brokerage, our limitations are always set with a silo that we are doing business in. With eXp, we are a global company with absolutely no boundaries because we're able to save on that overhead of the brick and mortars throughout the countries and different states because we are not that franchise where we're independently owned and operated. We truly are that global company. We can utilize that and give that expense right back to the agents. And that is what we're all about. We're an agent-owned company and we want to put more money in agents' pockets. The other important thing is when people plug into eXp Commercial, which our guest today, Jayson Siano is going to tell us all about what he saw in this. It is plugging into over 50,000 opportunities immediately for you to receive commercial referrals, commercial real estate business, to network throughout the United States and 13 other countries as we're expanding into 21 additional countries this year. We are able to the masses be able to come in our online world and collaborate with each other. Just like our live trainings that we completed last week where over 8,000 people were able to register, learn about commercial real estate, learn about product specialty types and give business back and forth to one another. It is amazing,

James Huang: Stephanie, with the amazing platform, the way we communicate, the way we collaborate, cooperate, work with each other. I mean, listings, referrals, opportunities are nonstop, and that's why I want to call them opportunities to meet new people. People that you can mentor, people that want to refer business of all different types from the residential, leasing, transaction, and business opportunities. You name it. There are so many opportunities as we are growing so fast with over 52,000 agents worldwide. We're Constantly growing around the world with all of these other parts, sharing information, collaborating, and I always have to say, all you have to do is to reach out. Our value proposition here is phenomenal. We're an 80/20 split, capping at $20,000. I know you are a four-time ICON, maybe five-time. You're just an ICON your entire life, but Stephanie, can you say what the monthly is and all the different services you get for that monthly fee?

Technology, Licenses & Contracts

Stephanie Gilezan: Absolutely, and once again, we go back to being this national and global company. So, we're able to use that buying power to go to our business partners like Reonomy and Buildout Elite and Crexi and all the different tools that we offer to get the best discounts. So that for $250 a month, you get rid of all of that overhead Buildout Elite is $870 per license. Reonomy is $500 per license. Those two alone are included in just this $250 a month. Every single day we are demonstrating other technology because we know where commercial real estate has been headed. Now it's time for everybody to adopt, but that is why for the $250 a month, these are the tools you get. And one of the things that you're going to see added onto this later today is AIR CRE. Those forms have been established in seven states up until this point with our partnership with them, we have been able to get AIR forms created for all 50 states. At eXp Commercial, our licensees do not pay AIR $600 a year for that licensing program that downloads to their computer. We have every AIR form in our transactions, Skyslope office online, so that any type of commercial real estate deals you do, you have a form and a contract already pre-made for you. That includes business brokering too Jim, and we all know about business brokering. A lot of traditional real estate companies, they don't touch that. We absolutely do because it works hand in hand with commercial real estate

James Huang: And Stephanie, with all the amazing tools. And we're constantly adding more, right? Just what you see on the three pages, we can't actually keep up with all the different tech sponsors and partners that want to collaborate with us. We are going to put a bigger list together, so for those that do transactions for those that do listings, for those that do business ops, for those that want to organize, put your OM, your proposal package, to those that want to market, to those that want to blast out with social media, literally we're putting all the different technology companies together. So, whatever you're working on and whatever your expertise is, we will have the tools with the $250, but then the a la cart you could add on. We're constantly adding services and adding more to our technology, adding more to the resources that we have at eXp Commercial because we are agents-centric, right?

Agents are Shareholders

Stephanie Gilezan: When I owned my own brokerage and Jim, you share this exact same story. It was hard for us to go to these big companies that provide data and try to get them down to a price point that made sense for our brokerage. Here, we're able to do that because, across the country, the average commercial real estate brokerage is 17 agents. That's it. So, you can't get the buying power that we're able to when we've got over 50,000 global agents that we are tapping into this market and being able to pass that right on.

You mentioned ICON a few moments ago and you know, our equity opportunities. Agents are shareholders of this company. We are all in business together. We are all business partners growing the same model and making sure that we're all successful. One of my favorite stories to share because it's so powerful, is that a little over three years ago today, I was faced with all these different brands wanting to purchase my company and the check was on the table and it was a good check, but that check was one payday.

It was me taking that money right then and there, and me having to be married to that brand, owned by that brand for another decade, still growing and running that company. I didn't like that because what if I got in, and I didn't like the brand? What we enable here at eXp is for all business owners like myself, to not worry about that one payday, but to come over, run your business on our vehicle that we have built for you. You drive it the way you want, but the entire time you are earning ownership. In three years, I have earned an additional million dollars in stock over what my buyout would have been to one of those franchises. In just three years, I got rid of that overhead. I got rid of that liability. I'm still building and growing my business throughout the entire country of the United States. And I am a shareholder of this company, which has over an $8 billion worth. And that is so much more powerful, Jim, than what you or I or so many other brokerages could do on their own.

James Huang: Exactly, and Stephanie, what I always go back to, I always reverse engineer and plugin, I always like to see what opportunities I missed and why I should start now. I put in all the numbers together, and I said, wow. With the firm that I owned before, which is a really good regional boutique firm. We had over 180 commercial agents, but with me spending all my time, trying to run it, instead of doing what I should have done, which is organizing, speaking in front, and doing all this stuff. Instead of the operational logistical liability part, I should have done what I was doing well, and with this platform, this is the best. I look back at thousands of agents that we turned through. Looking back with the revenue shared by just doing what we do, training new agents, attracting agents to join our company, it keeps on growing. I've told some friends at a very large firm, when I look back now, this is almost 20 years from now, he literally trained two-thirds of the office. And joking around, I said, so what did they give you for training two-thirds of the office? Because he trained all of them. They're his juniors. He trained everyone. I said, what did you get? He goes, I got a plaque. I said what? Wouldn't you rather have half a million dollars or more than a plaque for training and a title? I said, you've really got to look at our model because if you're there and you're a great trainer, a great mentor, a great teacher, you should plug in our model because of the revenue share. Just by sharing our platform with people and Steph, I know, you know, this really well with the rev share plan.

Stephanie Gilezan: Here's the thing, people have said to me, well, isn't it multi-level, isn't it this, isn't it that? And I said, no, it's very simple. I was a broker/owner. My agents all paid me a split. I paid the overhead. I kept the lights on. I kept the innovation happening. In our model, every single agent has the ability to sit in that owner's chair, collect the overrides off of the agents they introduce into this business without the overhead, without the liability, without having to cut the commission checks and do the taxes, without having to be the innovator and the person that maintains all the technology and all of that. That's what's so beautiful about this because we all in our previous times were at other real estate companies where we brought people to that company because our friends getting into the business wanted to do business with us, right?

In this model, it's the same concept, except you get paid, you get a piece of the pie, we're agent-centric. And the only way for all of us to own in this business to be shareholders is for all of us to reap the rewards as agents come in and produce real estate. And that's what this is. So it is tremendous. It's beautiful, Jim. I know we touched on it earlier, but let's just, just share the moment that you stepped into eXp World. I mean, just share what that was like for you the very first time.

Virtual Office in eXp World

James Huang: Stephanie, truly amazing. Because I grew up in the gaming type, right? So, we didn't have video games then, and when video games came out, we said, wow. And we see with the rise of the website in the early nineties, websites popped up and everyone always said, well, you don't need it. Well, now everyone has it. Right? And a lot of these technologies, you gotta be forward-thinking, you gotta be creative, but this is just a start of a virtual world. How do you think we could have trained over 8,800 people coming in and it's not linear where it's just one person talking. People can move off, talk to each other, train, get out of the room, talk to each other in a breakout. It is amazing because there are many different ways.

And with technology, it's constantly improving, constantly getting better. There are going to be so many more applications. This is a great way to bring the entire world to collaborate, to train, to educate, to network without always jumping on the plane. I told you, I just hate starting to travel again. And I'm like, oh my gosh, I'm spending two to three hours getting to a meeting. You know, that I literally could just jump on a Zoom as much as we did enough Zoom, but driving two to three hours. I could have done as you know, you and I do almost 15 to 30 minutes on the hour doing calls. But with that, it saves so much time. It's so efficient to use this tool too, in addition to everything else you do. But I love the World, and I, I know it is one of the big disruptors and change agents of how business will be done. Just like Zoom.

Weekly Live Trainings

Stephanie Gilezan: Absolutely. And in the World last week, when we did our training with the over 8,800 people that attended, not only was there somebody from every state in the United States, but we had people from over 13 different countries represented in our World, our virtual world, listening to over 30 speakers from all over the country, educating us, training us, talking about so many different things from the 1031 to the DSPs, to the tax. I mean, you name it, it's powerful. But the biggest thing is, we're all in there able to do it without having to figure out a venue or to set up the expense of an event, or to travel to it. So, it is extremely powerful.

It's how we operate, and it's how we're able to pull off more than 50 hours of live training every single week. We all come into this business, I'm one of them. When I came to eXp a massive mega-producing agent, ran a great real estate business, I didn't need to learn anything. Yeah, not so much the case because here we get to meet people out of New York City. We get to meet people in California. Different parts of the country do things differently, and I'm so grateful because I have learned so much about how I can coach my real estate team better to explode in this industry. So, that is what is so immediately important. Jim, I love you telling this story and I love James Davis's story on this healthcare.

Agent Healthcare

James Huang: This is the thing because our company is so agent-centric with healthcare, and this was a problem for me as owner, right? Brokers and owners and employers, we loved our employees. We loved our team. It was family, and we were worried about looking at different ways that we could help our team get through it, whatever it could be. When I saw the eXp healthcare, and a lot of my friends that joined eXp Commercial looked at it, and I know that there's a website. You can look at it and test it. Everyone came back to me and goes, Jim, the $250 we're paying is free. I'm saving 30 to 40% using the eXp healthcare for my family. So in a way, I'm joining for eXp free because of the savings.

And this is almost the biggest thing, right? Health is wealth. You need to keep it good, but not being able to buy or pay for healthcare because it's so expensive is really dangerous and scary. So, it is so important that the company is always looking for ways to help the agents stay healthy and always improve themselves. Like you said, the 50 hours of education is nonstop improvement and collaboration, but with healthcare, it is so important because it allows you to have that peace of mind with your family so you can work a hard day's work. That's what I love about 30 to 40%. I would tell anyone if you're not with eXp now, come check it out.

Global Referrals in Seconds

Stephanie Gilezan: Absolutely. And Jim, Workplace that we utilize is another way that we are all in one spot collaborating and sharing information with one another. This is a powerful tool because what we've done is, even though eXp Commercial is a separate brokerage from eXp Realty, we have created a Workplace for the two to communicate and talk and refer business back and forth. I've said this every single week that we've been on to update and to make sure that people are aware. I love it when someone posts one of their listings and all of a sudden you get seven, eight responses in just seconds saying, I've got your buyer right now. Or when a residential agent posts, I have 182 multifamily apartment complex potential listing, and I need an eXp Commercial broker to list this, to refer this too, and you see $272 million worth of referrals just last week alone, going back and forth between the two entities. That's, what's so impressive when it comes to being able to connect immediately with those 50,000+ opportunities in Workplace.

James Huang: Stephanie, this is another thing. At eXp Commercial, we're always innovating, connecting, making sure that we're giving the best information at all times. We always have two national meetings every month. So we share the updates, the best speakers, best practices and what's going on in the industry. We're constantly communicating, letting people know. I love the product type specialties right now. Some of the people are doing their third product type specialty with the multi-family, retail, office, industrial, land, cannabis, leasing and business op. It is so exciting where those particular specialties are getting together, sharing their knowledge, like you said, collaborating all around the country and the local markets talking about their deals, sharing off market needs and wants, figuring out how they could do more business. That's where everyone, I always say, you should go in if you have a special property type specialty, you join that group. If you're curious about it or you're new, you always want to take a look to see it. Just like today, we're doing eXp Commercial Explained with interviews of top-notch agents and broker owners that are coming over to eXp to share their stories. This is the live thing that we're going to do. We are going to come to a city near you. We're starting to roll out, going to different cities. And I'll say the first one will be in Arizona, in Scottsdale. So, if you are a commercial agent, please reach out to us. We do want to invite you to our commercial meeting, where you're going to see eXp Commercial having their meetings in different metropolitan cities or different cities. Then, we will start launching our broker forums in every city. It is exciting stuff, and we're always doing something collaborative, but Stephanie, can you introduce our next guest speaker?

Welcome Jayson Siano, founder + CEO of SABRE Real Estate Advisors

Stephanie Gilezan: Oh, Jim. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. This has been a bit long coming. For those of you who don't know Jayson Siano, I'm telling you, this is a guy that I immediately understood and got. The passion for the commercial real estate industry, the disruption, and the way he advertises in markets to where the ability for him to not only take his clients into the situation of representation for where they need to go for their commercial real estate, but the way they also rely on Jason for the marketing, because he is so just over the top, very, I say it's disruptive, but it's an influencer. There are so many of the original people that think that traditional commercial real estate brokerage will always be the same. I think Jayson adapted to knowing that was not the case over a decade ago. And so without further ado, Jayson, our newest company that has joined eXp Commercial with his entire team across the United States. Jayson, thank you so much for being here. Tell everybody, I know we're all excited. We're going to be living in this cloud-nine environment because it's so exciting for a long, long time. But just tell everyone who you are, where you started from and, and what you've done in this business because it truly is remarkable.

Jayson Siano: Well, listen, thank you first and foremost. You're thanking me. I think I should be thanking you guys for this opportunity because I'm in the industry for 20 years. I started at a smaller boutique office in New York, and early on I realized that there had to be a better way in commercial real estate. Yesterday was a big day for me. It was my mother's birthday and I lost my mom 20 years ago, right when I started in the industry, and it was a very challenging time for me in life. When I started out in commercial real estate, shortly after that loss, I kind of realized just how difficult it was. Not only to get ahead but just to survive. So for me, it really became a passion where I want to make the most impact that I can on the industry.

I realized after going from that smaller boutique firm to one of the largest global commercial real estate companies later on in 2007 where I had a contract. I also realized that there were some amazing things that were going on at that organization, but there were also a lot of things like red tape and different things that were done a certain way because of the environment and the culture at the company. So, that's what inspired me to create SABRE 10 years into my career where I felt that we could do something that was basically the best practices from both a smaller boutique firm, a large corporate giant, marry the two, and create an environment that didn't exist in the commercial real estate space prior. We did that and a lot of folks get into the business and it's a very, non-innovative, non-tech driven industry and it really boggles my mind how far ahead the residential industry is to commercial.

That's always been very interesting to me, and Stephanie, thank you for talking about the innovation and calling me a thought leader in the space, but it's really looking at the residential industry. It's looking at industries that have nothing to do with real estate, getting the inspiration, the education, bringing it back and figuring out how I can provide more impact and help more people have a better opportunity on a move forward basis. After I started SABRE, about five years in, I decided that I needed to really up the ante and start leveraging social media. And I was actually in online advertising for a brief stint before I got into commercial real estate. I've always thought real estate and marketing go hand in hand.

But again, residential really does a much better job than commercial. So initially when I started to think about eXp, a lot of people in the commercial space, look at residential and don't grab the same inspiration that I do. They look at it as just a different world that has no relevance. So when people, initially to me were starting to say, yeah, but can a company that's been successful in residential transition to commercial? That's when I started to really get excited about this opportunity. Because the things that I did five years ago, like walk around the streets of New York City with a videographer following me, at the time in commercial real estate, it was as if I was on Mars, and most of the industry was looking at me from earth, like, but Jay, why? You're in real estate, like what's up with this video thing?

And now fast forward, five years later doing it day in and day out nonstop. Everybody's finally starting to adopt those different things that have had such an amazing impact on myself, on SABRE, on the digital army, on everything that I'm involved in, again, to better the commercial real estate industry.

So Stephanie, Jim, to answer the initial question for everybody watching this. I got a lot of people reaching out to me, Jay, why did you need eXp, so on, and so forth. I don't need eXp. I just know that I'm going to be able to grow SABRE into a much larger organization on the platform and that we're going to pour gasoline on this whole thing. To the folks out there that may not understand what's going on right now, I'm telling you, this is me starting a vlog five years ago when nobody understood what I was doing. That's what's so exciting to me about joining this family.

Stephanie Gilezan: Absolutely. And Jay, this is what I want people to really see if they've never followed you or heard of you or looked you up, obviously they're not in the digital space because you're famous there, right? You've done a great job at that. Talk about your clientele, talk about the volume of your clientele because your resume in who you represent is impressive, and it speaks for itself.

Securing the Starbucks Account

Jayson Siano: Yeah, I appreciate that. So, by the way, people don't realize that I'm not just playing on social media all day. I'm actually running a sizable business and representing some of the top brands across the country. I'll start at the beginning.

When I got to the first company, I was given a desk and a phone and a Hagstrom mat and like most people in the industry, right? It's like, here you go, go drive the market, best of luck. We'll see you at the end of the week, tell us what you did and so on. It's like, really, how do you actually, how can you achieve success in an industry like that? Oh, and wait, by the way, you're a 1099, you eat what you kill, we have no health insurance, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Right? So that's why, Jim, when you're talking about health insurance, that's a major sticking point for me because I did not have access to health insurance for the first five years, almost six years that I was in the business. I don't think anybody should be in that position. That is a very challenging thing with the nature of commercial real estate, not everybody has access to health insurance. It's a very important thing.

So, I, fortunately, with God's will, was able to somehow land the Starbucks account in 2003. Quite honestly, I was not at all qualified at that time to actually represent a company and a brand like Starbucks coffee. But they gave me an opportunity and being always the hardest worker in the room - I don't know I'm in a new room now, so I should be careful - And by the way, it's a virtual room. I prefer this room.

So, I, of course, work day in and day out seven days a week would be in the office until 1 a.m., 2 a.m because I didn't really have, by the way, I didn't have a parachute. I didn't have a safety net, so for me, it was very sink or swim. So I spent the time and energy to become the best tenant rep broker I could possibly be, representing one of arguably the best companies to be a tenant rep broker for. That really enabled me to go out, get the skills and the confidence and learn through that Starbucks platform, which a lot of other very successful commercial real estate brokers that represent companies like Starbucks learn how to just be the best you can possibly be.

And I, by the way, I've trained a lot of people under that platform, and I'd like to say, we still represent Starbucks exclusively today, 17, 18 years later. So from there, I actually ended up pitching, I stumbled upon a little company called Chipotle at the time, same time around 2003. I ended up pitching that business and landing the Chipotle account in 2003, 2004, bringing them to my market, designing their expansion strategy, working directly with Steve Ells, the founder. Then, from there, I had the good fortune of repeating that type of experience for many different brands. My friends who I was representing in a multiunit development project for Massage Envy back in 2007 ended up starting a little company called Orange Theory Fitness. So, I had the good fortune of working with Orange Theory from their first location, helping them design the national expansion strategy. It's different on the franchise side than it is on the corporate side but we do both and I'd like to say really, really well. Because we understand that real estate is an art and a science. I also, based on what I just said, want to point out that on a move forward basis, people in the tired, traditional legacy commercial real estate world that are waiting for everything to get back to normal are going out of business every day. I think it's really, really important that people understand that there is a new way of doing things. It doesn't mean you have to get rid of the old traditional ways that made you successful up until the pandemic, or as things were evolving. But you do have to pay attention to new modern ways of doing business, kind of marry the two, and that's when you're going to go to different levels that other people don't even know are possible.

I think eXp is really the first example of a platform that I was able to jump into that gives me so many tools and resources that I can actually introduce to other people. At the end of the day, at this stage of my life, in my career, again, it's about helping other people of all experience levels in all locations, all geographies be better humans. I like to say I'm in the human development business. I also happen to do real estate really, really, really well. I think that's how I've brought the walls down in the commercial real estate industry because we really truly believe in collaboration over competition. I don't really believe that I have any competition in the space. I think that we're doing things in such an innovative way, and again I'm so happy that as a result of this partnership, we're going to be able to do that in such a bigger way than ever before.

James Huang: You brought back nightmares the old-fashioned way. Here's a desk, here's a Thomas Guy, go map it out, go figure it out. And obviously, you made it. You make it in New York, you can make it anywhere. With this platform, I'm super excited that you see it. You've always been forward-thinking. What do you see that you're going to do to expand your business? Not only locally and nationally, but internationally now with this platform?

It's the Agent First Model

Jayson Siano: Yeah, of course. I mean, we've been growing across the country for many years now, but we've been doing it with like scotch tape and bubble gum, and we've been doing a great job at it even that way. But let's be honest, right? The fact that we have access to licensing across the board here and no state essentially is off limits for me to go and recruit talent in. If I'm working with a company or folks on my team are working with a company, we're working from the top down, typically with the founders and the C-suites at that company, and then we're managing the entire relationship and running the strategy across the whole country.

So what we're able to provide for people is the opportunity to jump into a really exciting, again, large company accounts, like a Starbucks Coffee, or exciting emerging concepts, like Solid Core or Squeeze, or The Feel Good Company, which is the founders of Dry Bar. We're very fortunate to be surrounded by these sexy brands and understand really how to convert DTC brands, direct to consumer brands, into brick and mortar and all things that are super relevant in the future.

Most importantly, Jim, for me, it's the agent first model. There's plenty of hours of videos where I actually say episode 100, I think of "Real SABRE." You should go to SABRE Real Estate's YouTube channel and check out episode 100. I say that in the next 12 to 18 months, the world is going to be disrupted in a major way, and if you're not innovating, if you're not future-proofing yourself, you're going to be in jeopardy, and so on and so forth. The pandemic hit 15 months from that statement. So I'm video, I'm not Nostradamus, but I did know that obviously, the world would change in an election year. I've been speaking this way for a very, very long time because I understand that the commercial real estate space is very ripe for disruption. Everybody knows that it's going to get disrupted by things, and something's going to come along, and technology is going to change how the gatekeeper of information is no longer as important as it used to be. That's happened in residential, right? That hasn't really happened in commercial. So, the minute that you add data and provide access to all types of information for everybody, the role of a broker or an advisor is going to change drastically. I think that's something that everybody needs to think about.

Jim, to answer your question, yes, the rev share is awesome. To me, that's sprinkles on the sundae, right? But the fact that I can offer agents the opportunity to earn wealth in the commercial real estate space, beyond the commission hamster wheel and having to literally just live paycheck to paycheck. That's what people don't talk about as much in the commercial real estate space. Everybody likes to just act as if they make all the money in the world, they have the best life and so on and so forth, plenty do by the way. And, you know, shout out to everybody who's been able to break through and make a very good living in our industry. There's plenty of them, and by the way, I'm not suggesting everybody needs to use social media, but I do think that you need to use it in some certain way. It's handshaking at scale. It's networking on steroids.

I do think that on a move forward basis, we're looking at the pandemic accelerated everything that was already happening by seven to 10 years. So what's going to happen now is the world's going to change at a much faster pace than it did previously. I know that this platform and offering agents the opportunity to not only earn their commissions the same way that they were previously, but now earn stock in an $8 billion company on top of that and enjoy the rev share to whatever extent they want to focus on it. That's how I see it. So, to answer the questions about is it an MLM? Is it this, is it that? It's something different - It's not, is the first answer - but the reality is this is a platform set up for the individual, and big, big global corporate commercial real estate giants keep the individual down. That's a problem, right? Not only keep them down. They intentionally do not want the younger people in the industry to climb the ladder because they have a scarcity mindset versus an abundance mindset where they think that if somebody young goes and lands a new client, that they're actually now taking something off their plate and taking away opportunity from them. I'm one of the very few people in the industry that looks at it with a completely 180 approach from that. I think that there's enough to go around. Everybody can win. The future of commercial real estate is about the individual agent. Do you know how many people have joined me from the large firms because the large firms will not allow them to use social media?

This is a platform set up for the individual, and big, big global corporate commercial real estate giants keep the individual down... The future of commercial real estate is about the individual agent.

Jayson Siano, Founder + CEO, SABRE Real Estate Advisors

The future of commercial real estate brokerage is developing a personal brand using social media and doing the best possible job you can on behalf of your client. It's about doing the right thing, people. And guess what? Using social media puts a magnifying glass on whether or not you're actually doing the right thing. So, in my opinion, people are trying to hide the stuff that they don't want to expose per se by not actually allowing more awareness and more eyeballs on, which is obviously the best thing for clients. If you have a property to sell, are you only going to put out email blasts where I get 150 emails an hour? Am I going to be able to see everything the same way that we were able to see back in 2001 when I started in the business? No, you have to evolve with the industry. I just want to give you guys a lot of respect and turn it back to you to thank you for the opportunity to help grow this platform.

Stephanie Gilezan: Jay, from the first day that I ever spoke to you on the phone, I love your passion and your drive, and it's so accurate. You're right about the big guys or the bigger companies wanting to push the agent down. It's all about, the more those agents learn and the better they get, they're going to leave. They're going to jump ship because they're going to get smarter than that. So, I love that you commented on that. Talk to us before we go about the digital army and what you've created there because that just blows my mind.

Jayson Siano: Yeah. I appreciate that. Yeah, I've been traveling the country for the last five or six years pretty much bi-weekly on behalf of our national advisory business, and every time that I travel I take the time to meet with as many people in the industry as possible. Along the way, I've collected some really great friends that I always referred to as my little band of misfits. Because when I started vlogging and using social media about five years ago, I felt like an outcast in the commercial real estate space, and all of these other folks that I was meeting along the way felt the same way. We came together and we'd always be very collaborative and help one another.

All of a sudden when the pandemic started, I said, you know what? It's about time to formalize this because it's a movement. Again, it doesn't matter what company holds your real estate license anymore. Right? Especially if you're going to give 50, 40% to a big company. Oh, and by the way, you're not going to the office anymore. Like, what are you doing? So, I just came along and put this group together. And then my dear friend, Carrie Bobb, who is an amazing human based out in San Diego, and I came together to formalize the CRE Digital Army. What we're doing is we're helping people understand how important digital marketing, social media, building a personal brand are. We've created this community of folks and we're just helping each other.

Again, it's collaboration over competition. We're all from different companies, and we're all just really helping one another. That's what I find that's so interesting in this space. Once you start to get into the cloud-based world and social media and all these other things, it's so amazing how people want to help each other. That's really, to me, again, that's my purpose. That's why I wake up in the morning, it's to help other people be better. You know, that, in turn, helps me feel better. That's what we're doing, you know? So with the digital army, we basically spent the last year during the pandemic getting everything organized. We launched last week, and we're so excited about it. We formally launched and there's been such a pent-up demand. The digital army is going to work hand in hand with eXp Commercial because we're going to welcome people, and it doesn't matter what company, what walk of life, anything. We're gonna help each other. We're just going to help each other win. I just believe it's so important for people to help develop their personal brands in order to be the best real estate agent they can possibly be.

Stephanie Gilezan: I love that you had that mentality way before eXp because that's our core value, it's collaboration. It's helping, and it's so much easier for agents to come together and help each other, especially when they all own a piece of something. And you did it without that ownership. It was just let's get together, and let's truly help and have that mentality, which always equals success.

Jay, I want Jim to have one last time to ask you anything he wants, but I am so grateful that you are here. I'm so grateful that we're in business together because this is going to be an amazing ride. It's exciting. I can't wait to see what all we do together. I think that having you here is, Jason Gesing said it in one of our calls. He said, this is a tipping point for eXp Commercial, and I believe that. Your team is amazing, and we've got to give a shout out to Rudy Caamano your west coast brother. You're on the east coast. Rudy was doing this stuff on the west coast. You all got to know each other over several months of time and, you know, brothers from another mother. We all see and share the same vision, which is so important today. Jim, before we go.

James Huang: Jayson, any final words to anyone that's listening to you in the virtual digital space?

Jayson Siano: Yeah, of course. Jim, thank you! My final words are please be open-minded because you do not want the future to pass you by. I do want people to understand that the best part, and Stephanie, you touched on this earlier. I have a lot of companies that are pursuing purchasing SABRE, and the same thing for me. Listen, I'm getting older now. I'm 44 years old. I'm getting older now, but I don't want to sell my company and go work for somebody else. So for me, the fact that I can maintain 100% of control over SABRE and be able to use this platform and grow it along with you guys is a dream come true, really. It's everything that I've been doing on my own and every opportunity that I've been looking for, you guys just provided. So, I want to thank you guys for that.

"The fact that I can maintain 100% of control over SABRE and be able to use this platform to grow it along with you guys is a dream come true!"


I encourage anybody to reach out to me. Again, I really pride myself in making an impact on the industry and that's what I'm here for. I would appreciate if you guys would follow me on Instagram because that's an important part of getting to know me. It's my name, @JaysonSiano. You have to follow @SABRERealEstate as well. Follow @CRE_Digital_Army as well. I just really look forward to getting to know and having a positive influence on more people, and most importantly, other people having a positive influence on me.

Stephanie Gilezan: I love you, Jay. I love you.

Jayson Siano: I want to say thank you to Rudy, obviously. By the way, when Rudy first started talking to me about this stuff, like most other people, I was like, Rudy, no, I'm not interested, thank you. Then, all of a sudden, you realize when you start opening your ears and digesting everything, you're like, this is a no-brainer.

Stephanie Gilezan: Yeah. You can't unsee it, Jay. Once you see it and you understand it, you can't unsee it. Any entrepreneur gets it, just like that. You're an early adopter and there's plenty more that are going to be early adopters. But that's the real truth of it. All of us genuine entrepreneurs who are truly about building ourselves and building something together, you get it just like that. You absolutely get it.

"Once you see it and you understand it, you can't unsee it. And any entrepreneur gets it, just like that."

Stephanie Gilezan, Director of Brokerage Operations, eXp Commercial

Jayson Siano: I agree completely, but I really, truly believe that the commercial real estate industry as a whole is so tired and outdated. I feel like I'm carrying the industry on my back in a lot of ways, and it needs to really be repositioned and energized and taken into the future. Everybody understands that it needs to change but it has to start somewhere. I truly believe that this partnership right here is really going to do it.

James Huang: And Jayson, we just want to thank you again for your confidence and for joining us. Now you have 53,000 more in your digital army, right? Joining your family. It's about abundance and gratitude. So, I love that. No wonder you fit in. I think we all attracted each other because we all have the same mindset. It's really exciting for all of us as everyone watches out there in the digital world, with eXp Commercial and our platform and how we're growing. Our family truly is a family. Together, we're making this big change and really helping the individual agent. I love that Jayson said that because we all felt like that. Now you're joining a larger family to help you grow and build security and wealth while you're enjoying it with people that really care about you and you love the family environment. So again, Jayson, thank you so much. My partner, Stephanie Gilezan thank you, everyone.

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